Tuesday, 4 June 2013

* Bangkok outranks London as 2013’s number one destination city

International tourism is becoming a vital and resilient export for the leading destination cities in the world and its economic and social benefits are far-reaching. While the benefits of international tourism frequently exceed what can be computed in dollar and cents
  • Hospitality, transport industry and food services are the primary beneficiaries of the demand international visitors create
  • Employment in these industries also tends to be labor intensive, which makes tourist spending a potent driver of employment creation in a destination city.
  • International visitors to a destination city also seek new and rewarding experiences, especially in the arts, popular culture and entertainment, as well as historical and heritage sites unique to the city.
These visitors and their spending are powerful catalysts for nurturing and driving the growth of creative industries and urban cultures, while preserving the past in ways that uniquely contribute to the attractiveness of the city in question.

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