Monday, 3 October 2016

Poll: To make Mauritius more democratic there is no alternative but to increase the number of députés?

A Best Loser System (BLS) that fails to factor in updated data does not make any sense. It is actually what the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) suggests too. As long as we do not lose sight of the bigger picture about what it takes to cure our ailing democracy: appointing the most credible people at the top of our institutions, striving to revive the elusive reward system and repair its dented vehicle of fair opportunities. Alternately, fetishising the BLS, even in an updated setup, does not make better sense.

In a twisted interpretation of the arbitration of the UNHRC, the most uninspiring IIe République was manufactured. How, according to our "reformers", to achieve that mission while wizardly sanitising the electoral delusion and  camouflaging the BLS? By, namely, fighting for the top spots of countries with the highest number of députés per voters. Here we go again, the R-Word (read buzzword reform, namesake of miracle and hub) is on. Are you any more sublimed? Are we getting our priorities right? 
Express your sanzman feeling should you be awakened to the nightmare that you cannot afford outsourcing your thinking to politicians, their cheerleaders, and charlatans, any more. And should you be wary of manz pistas get sinema, of very shoddy genre, or unfit in the role of the useful idiot of their financiers, share and act beyond. Now.

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