Saturday, 5 May 2012

* Incheon International Airport adds to South Korea's list of global icons

1   Incheon International Airport (3rd Best Airport Baggage Delivery)
2   Singapore Changi Airport (Best Airport for Leisure Amenities)
3   Hong Kong International Airport (2nd Best Airport for Cleanliness)
8   Kuala Lumpur International Airport (2nd Best Airport Immigration Service)
11 London Heathrow Airport (Best Airport for Shopping)
20 Sydney Airport (4th Most Improved Airport)
26 Dubai International Airport (Down 3 places from 2011)
 *SSR Mauritius International Airport (5th Best Airport in Africa)
 *Chattrapathi Shivaji ( Mumbai) International Airport (4th Best Airport in India)


  1. Er, excuse my very modest knowledge of airports, but got stuck for 6 hours in Paris CDG in 2010, and even their lounge is one of the filthiest places I've ever been to - Dodoland's waiting area is way cleaner and more comfortable. The premises was "crasseux", the sitting accomodation punily small, the food unpalatable, and drinks on ration. And add to this the fact that flight information is distilled in Pyongyang-style parcimony: "you will be informed in due course, and this will happen has soon as we are ready". And Dodoland will be managed by the same organisation...?

  2. To be fair with Paris CDG, in terms of "hardware" there has been an improvement over the years with new terminal infrastructure. Baggage delivery is still nerve-racking though while signage and customer care remain true to domestic ethos!

  3. @akagugo
    wai, pa terib sa lounge la. ek si u pe transit dan liver ladan amenn enn bon molton ek enn termos dite sinon ena risk u fini kuma muton kongele.
    new terminal infrastructure? se petet a koz sa terminal ki ti efondre en 2004 la.


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