Wednesday, 9 November 2016

* Learning from America’s "democratic" rape

By Methinker
Generally, America has some traits at its core level that it can be proud of, namely its sense of hospitality, its celebration of diversity and its entrepreneurial spirit. But it also represents the drift of how its establishment, here defined as the big corporations and political nexus, cynically spins reality through canny media control to feather its own nest.

No matter how dumbed down the system, reality ends up biting. In Bernie Sanders, the Democrats held an opportunity to redeem their image and respond to wide popular discontent. Instead, they turn a blind eye to comfort their greed by backing their best hope Hillary Clinton, regardless of how tainted her image. Enter Donald Trump, who cunningly filled the void. Prompting Nobelist Paul Krugman to mull whether America is “a failed state and society”.
Too many relied on wish fulfilment to save America from “evil” Trump. The media focused on demonizing his savage demagoguery without even noticing how he was enticing the mob with concrete policy proposals during his public meetings. It is too early to analyse the voting patterns, but 28% of Hispanics, beyond working-middle-class Whites and Millenials, voted for radical change with their feet.

What about the xenophobic slogans? One possible explanation is that they were understood as the ones targeted were actually new immigrants. The wall, for instance, was destined for them, outsiders. Hispanics are feeling the pinch of merciless globalization but still they see themselves as insiders of the system, no matter how unfair, who do not wish for additional burden. Trump got the message, and he dressed up in messianic attire.
Now it is only natural to dread the future with such an unpredictable man. We are left to hope most of his vile promises are mere words to shock and awe to paving the way to Presidency. And that establishments around the world greet the urge for change with a little bit of wisdom and redefine their meaning of democracy.

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